Giving Yourself a Money Makeover


It is never too early or late to sit down and take financial stock — you may be surprised at what you discover and save yourself some money at the same time, writes Chris Wright.

Time for some spring cleaning. Not of the house – your finances. Many of us think occasionally that we ought to take a long hard look at our money, our bills, our lifestyle, our plans for retirement – but few of us really take the time to do it. Continue reading “Giving Yourself a Money Makeover”

The Key to Wedded Bliss? Money Matters

Published: September 10, 2008
The New York Times

IF you ask married people why their marriage works, they are probably not going to say it’s because they found their financial soul mate.

But if they are lucky, they have. Marrying a person who shares your attitudes about money might just be the smartest financial decision you will ever make. In fact, when it comes to finances, your marriage is likely to be your most valuable asset — or your largest liability. Continue reading “The Key to Wedded Bliss? Money Matters”

Don’t Let Death Take You By Surprise


The best time to prepare for your death is when you’re young, fit and healthy. How and where will you be buried or sent off? What bills will you leave behind? Who will look after the children? How do you want your assets divvied up? And so on.

Left until you’re incapacitated or not done at all, these issues will create a nightmare for those left behind. There is a lot to think about, says Phil Morgan-Rees, personal client services general manager at Guardian Trust.

This week I’ve compiled a list of 15 things to consider or do in preparation for your death. Continue reading “Don’t Let Death Take You By Surprise”