The Pre-Approval Process

The Pre-Approval process is essential information gathering for 1st Home Buyers. Preparation is one of the keys to success for any complex undertaking, and purchasing your first home can be a stressful project at the best of times.

Time taken to clarify these complex issues and answer such important questions is time very well invested.

First home buyers usually need to borrow a significant proportion of the purchase price of their home. The correct advice on Interest Rates, Loan Structure and choice of Lender is critical to the successful financing of your first home.

The Pre-Approval process will help you:

Clarify your Purchase Price

Many first home buyers are not sure about what they can afford. We will work together to calculate what type of home will best meet your needs, and of course, establish what you can afford. You can then focus on looking for a House in your Price Range.

Tailor your Loan Structure

It takes time to choose the best loan structure. Typically, the decision is dependent on your circumstances and ambitions, and what is available from Lenders and Financial Markets at the time.

We will work together to achieve the best tailored financial solution for you.

Choose your Lender

Tailoring the financing to suit your goals, lifestyle and cashflows will provide you with a useful template for your purchase. I will apply that template to our panel of Lenders to clarify which Lender has the best features and pricing for you.