Business Ownership Entity

You have 3 choices which are examined below:-

  • Personal (either Partnership or Sole Trader status)

    • The simplest form of ownership chosen by many first time investors. You personally own the property and provide the direct link between ownership, tenant and lender.
  • Limited Liability Company

    • A separate entity or “Artificial Person” in law.
    • Please discuss this with your Accountant or contact Finlay for a recommendation to an Accountant who can help you.

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  • Family Trust

    • The key issue with a Family Trust is asset protection. The Family Trust is an “Artificial Person” which can acquire assets on behalf of the Trustees and Beneficiaries. This is a popular method of “ring fencing” or protecting assets from financial threat and loss.

General Recommendation – Operate a separate bank account for your business, in the name of that business, no matter which Investment Property ownership entity you choose. This one action will save you time and money in accounting for your business.