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Finlay Abbot Mortgage Broker Ltd is a specialist Wellington based Mortgage Broker. If you seek an experienced registered financial adviser who is a passionate, focused and award winning professional, a mortgage specialist whose goal is to always add value for you, a continuous business relationship and access to the best Wellington financial advisors, then I look forward to working with you.


While you are investing in your largest financial asset, I will ensure that all the details are addressed including your insurance. Analysing your risk and recommending policies and insurers from my portfolio of business partners is yet another way I can help you keep your home after you purchase it. Insuring you and your Income is a complex process where you need expert advice from a specialist who has detailed knowledge of your financial affairs.  “Dreams are built on Sand without Insurance”

So, if you are…

  • A First Home Buyer
    pondering the complexity of borrowing and also the entire purchase process. You need a thorough understanding and access to excellent and patient financial advice every step of the way.
  • An Existing Home Owner
    who wants access to more funding. Your debt is growing and you need financial advice on cost effective structure and managing your interest rate risk.
  • A Self-Employed Professional
    who desires access to the property market as part of your strategy. You recognise that business is all about relationships and access to consistent, quality, specialist advice.
  • A Property Investor
    who needs access to an expert financial advisor to manage and expand relationships with Lenders. You are focused on your goals and need an experienced and passionate professional financial adviser to help you achieve them.

Then let my vast experience as a Mortgage Broker and my network of strategic partners assist you in the realisation of your financial goals.

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  • More about Finlay Abbot Mortgage Broker

    I am a Registered Financial Adviser & Wellington Mortgage Broker who specialises in advice on residential property finance and personal insurance to home owners and property investors.

    My core focus is to continuously act in your best interests by providing top quality financial advice and service and become your long term financial adviser for mortgages and insurance.

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  • Testimonials

    Finlay’s contribution to my wife and I being able to build the family home we wanted for our family cannot be underestimated. His involvement meant that finances were simply not a worry. Finlay gives me great confidence that I have the best deal available and that I will continue to get the best deal available as the mortgage market changes over time. Rob O’Brien – Solicitor

    Finlay has been the financial cornerstone of my business for many years now. Without his knowledge and experience the capacity to grow my business would have been made considerably more difficult. He has always provided outstanding financial service to me and anyone who I have recommended him to. I hold his advice in the highest regard and look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow. Conwae Langford, Director – Bluekey Properties Ltd

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