Finlay is a Registered Financial Adviser who specialises in advice on residential property finance and personal insurance to home owners and property investors predominantly in Wellington. Finlay’s core focus is to continuously act in your best interests by providing top quality financial advice and service and become your long term Financial Adviser for mortgages and insurance.

Product Providers

Finlay is an Accredited Adviser with the following companies, and will recommend their products and solutions which best fit your circumstances and requirements:


Mortgage Providers

ANZ, ASB, Liberty Home Loans, RESIMAC, Sovereign Home Loans, SBS Bank, The Co- Operative Bank, TSB and Westpac.


Insurance Providers

AMP, AIA, Asteron, and Sovereign.


Specialist Advisors

Fire and Material Damage Cover – Finlay has a referral relationship with Provincial Insurance Brokers (Provincial). In the event that Provincial arrange Insurance Cover then Provincial will pay Finlay a referral fee at its own discretion. The referral fee is paid from the brokerage paid by the insurer and does not increase the cost of your premiums.


Legal and Accounting – Finlay will make you aware of legal and accounting matters that may require your further attention, and it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a professionally qualified specialist adviser in respect to such matters.

Memberships, Partnerships & Professional Insurance

PAA – I hold a current accreditation as a full member of the Professional Advisers Association (PAA) and the business complies with the Association’s Membership Rules and Code of Ethics and Standards. For more information visit www.paa.co.nz

Professional Insurance – Finlay has professional indemnity cover for your ultimate protection. The maximum cover is $2 million per claim. In proven cases, this protects Finlay’s clients from financial loss due to fraud, gross negligence, gross misrepresentation, etc. (if perpetrated by Finlay). The Policy is held with Lumley General Insurance (NZ) Limited and is managed by Marsh Ltd, Auckland Phone 0800 – 627 744.

Your Privacy

All discussions and information shared are subject to the Privacy Act 1993. You are entitled to have access to information from your files upon request. A detailed description of the authorised use of the information you supply is covered in the Authority & Declaration you sign with each loan application you make with Finlay.


Original supporting documentation you supply will be copied and returned to you. The copies will be held on your file so that they can be used in any future loan applications. Surplus paper which records your personal information is shredded.


I use an Excel Loan Application form, which I complete on your behalf from the information you provide to me. I can use this form with any Lender but will not do so without your express permission. You will be supplied with a full copy of the Excel Loan Application Form plus your Loan Recommendation upon settlement of your loan/s.

How I Get Paid

On settlement of a mortgage or issuance of a risk insurance policy, Finlay receives commission from the above product providers. The commission is generally of an upfront nature but may also include a small renewal or trail commission. Finlay also receives a fixed rate roll over fee from some providers when re-fixing your loan.


A full schedule of all providers commission rates is available on request.


Finlay may charge a one off fee for work completed for clients which does not attract a broker payment from the lender. This charge, if applied, will be agreed in advance with you using Finlay’s Client Fee Mandate before any work is started.


Up-front commission can be ‘clawed back’ by all lenders and insurers if a minimum qualification period has not been met.

Finlay uses a thorough advice process which is summarised as follows:

  • Finlay will establish the areas where you need advice and we will agree on your objectives
  • Finlay collects relevant financial information from you prior to and during our meetings so that I have a full understanding of your current financial situation and your future plans.
  • Finlay will work through a specific process designed to provide you with a personalised financial plan in relation to your mortgage and insurance needs.
  • Finlay prepares and presents recommendations on products, lenders and insurers.
  • Finlay facilitates the application process on agreed products and services.

  • Finlay will monitor the implementation of your objectives and review agreed strategies and actions on a regular basis
  • Finlay will provide you with a future business relationship including regularly communicating with you about fixed rate reviews (Finlay has a comprehensive process to assist you); loan re-structures and future loan applications; correcting any lender or insurer errors; Continuing to advise you on your changing insurance needs including assisting with any claims.
  • My preferred form of communication, unless urgent, is by e-mail

We are the sum of many parts. Finlay Abbot Mortgage Broker is the sum of:

    • More than 25 years’ continuous experience in Finance and Banking in Palmerston North, Auckland and London.
    • Moved to Wellington in 1993 culminating in the role of National Lending and Credit Manager for a Specialist Finance Company.
    • Commenced career as a Mortgage Broker in 1999 and has arranged more than $300 Million in loans.
    • Enjoys the constant challenge of business and is passionate about Wellington and its future.
    • All spare time devoted to wife Stacey, children Max, Heath and Nena and his family and friends.
    • To read some of our testimonials, click here.

Experience, Qualifications & Awards

National Certificate in Financial Services

National Certificate in Financial Services (financial advice) in residential property lending, insurance, core industry knowledge and knowledge of the Code of Conduct for Financial Advisers.

Registered Financial Adviser


25+ Years Experience

Over 25 years of continuous Banking and Financial experience in residential and business lending which included a variety of Lending & Credit Management roles in specialist banks and Finance Companies in Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland and London.

Over $300 million in arranged loans...

Commenced mortgage brokering on 1 April 1999 and have arranged over $300 million of loans since then.

Winner - 2008 NZMBA Mortgage Broker of the Year

New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association (NZMBA) Mortgage Broker of the Year

Winner - 2007/2006/2003 - PLAN Mortgage Broker of the Year

Professional Lenders Association of New Zealand Mortgage Broker of the Year

Winner - 2008/2007/2006 - NZMBA Greater Wellington Regional Mortgage Broker of the Year

New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association (NZMBA) Greater Wellington Mortgage Broker of the Year

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  • More about Finlay Abbot Mortgage Broker

    I am a Registered Financial Adviser & Wellington Mortgage Broker who specialises in advice on residential property finance and personal insurance to home owners and property investors.

    My core focus is to continuously act in your best interests by providing top quality financial advice and service and become your long term financial adviser for mortgages and insurance.

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  • Testimonials

    Finlay’s contribution to my wife and I being able to build the family home we wanted for our family cannot be underestimated. His involvement meant that finances were simply not a worry. Finlay gives me great confidence that I have the best deal available and that I will continue to get the best deal available as the mortgage market changes over time. Rob O’Brien – Solicitor

    Finlay has been the financial cornerstone of my business for many years now. Without his knowledge and experience the capacity to grow my business would have been made considerably more difficult. He has always provided outstanding financial service to me and anyone who I have recommended him to. I hold his advice in the highest regard and look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow. Conwae Langford, Director – Bluekey Properties Ltd

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